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Eco-friendly materials

Painstakingly restored by passionate craftsmen and women, Château Brachet has chosen to live up to its sustainability and eco-design credentials by using materials and devices that are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Respect the environment


The site produces 70% of its domestic hot water thanks to a field of thermal solar panels located next to the vineyard, the rest being supplied by a condensing gas boiler. In addition, the surplus heat produced by the solar panels in the summer months is used to heat the swimming pool, which is treated as naturally as possible.


Nine 130-metre deep wells feed the geothermal heating system (and underfloor cooling system in summer) and a completely independent network had to be created to supply the toilet tanks with spring water, which is naturally present on the estate.


A 400 sqm permaculture vegetable garden (in progress), compost and a rainwater harvesting system have also been installed in the grounds. The rooms are cleaned with dry steam and the electricity for the site is provided by a green energy supplier.


Finally, two “Radiation-Free” bedrooms (with electrical wiring specially designed to limit electromagnetic waves) have been specially appointed for our electro-sensitive guests. All the rooms can also be individually disconnected from the Wi-Fi on request.