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The Queen Victoria of England Showcase

This showcase is an evocation, through a few important and precious objects, of the history of Queen Victoria of England who reigned for more than 63 years over the largest empire in the world, between 1837 and 1901.

Reine VictoriaFollowing her daughter Beatrice’s visit in 1883 to treat her arthritis with the waters of the thermal baths under the care of Dr. Léon Brachet, Queen Victoria made three trips to Aix les Bains, in 1885, 1887, and 1890.
During her last two stays, she stopped at Château Brachet to visit her friend and subject, Countess Virginia Somers, who was then the tenant of the property.
Here we present an original copy of one of the 2 volumes of the work written by Victoria: Leaves from the Journal of Our life in the Highlands, from 1848-1861, recounting the memories, somewhat idealized, of a journey she enjoyed with Prince Albert in the Scottish Highlands, shortly after their marriage (and almost “incognito,” which left her with particularly endearing memories). The queen was deeply in love with the prince, therefore upon his death from typhoid fever in 1861, she was devastated, experiencing a true traumatic shock, which led her to mourn constantly until her own death in 1901. This collection of memories is an opportunity for her to remember her beloved husband and the happy hours they spent together. She was used to taking copies of this book (the only one she ever wrote) with her on her travels, so she could offer it to people she particularly appreciates.
The copy presented here was dedicated to Léon Brachet in 1887, showing the sincere affection the Queen had for the doctor, making it a precious and moving testimony for the Château. It also represents a touching token of appreciation for the multiple attentions bestowed on the Queen by Dr Léon Brachet (also first deputy mayor of Aix-les-Bains at the time) during her stays in Aix, including the organization of her visit to the monastery of the Grande Chartreuse, which required exceptional permission from the Pope (as entrance to the place was strictly forbidden to women).
The rest of the showcase highlights various objects related to this sovereign:

  • Original invitation card for her coronation in 1838
  • Royal “travel” wax seal…
  • An original framed copy of her signature and monogram.

* This theme is discussed in more detail in our “Suite Signature” on the first floor as well as in the historical booklets available for consultation at the Honesty Bar.